Darshan alloy workers work overtime to produce CaSi alloy

The price of calcium silicon is very competitive recently. In addition, by the end of the year, steel mills purchase a lot. Therefore, Darshan alloy workers are working overtime to produce silicon calcium. Not much to say, upload photos! !

Work Overtime To Produce Calcium Silicon Alloy

Calcium silicon is one of the main products of Darshan alloy. Silicon calcium is a binary alloy composed of silicon and calcium. It belongs to the category of ferroalloys. Its main components are silicon and calcium. It also contains impurities such as Fe, Al, C, and S.

Calcium silicon alloy application

1. Can be used in the steel industry. Used as calcium additives, deoxidizers, desulfurizers, etc.

2. It can be used in the cast iron industry. Used as an inoculant and denaturant.

3. On the basis of silicon-calcium alloy, other elements are added to form a ternary or multiple composite alloy. Such as Si-Al-Ba-Ca, Si-Ca-Ba and so on. Used as deoxidizer, desulfurizer and alloying agent in steel metallurgy.

In short, calcium silicon is a must for steel mills and foundries to purchase. If you have plans to buy calcium silicon and CaSi cored wire, please contact us to buy as soon as possible! Time does not wait us!

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