round the clock to complete the Indian order as scheduled

Recently, Darshan Alloy received an order. It is an India that requires 200 tons of ferro silicon. But the date is more urgent. In order to ensure the normal delivery of ferrosilicon, the workers began to work overtime.

Ferrosilicon Packing For India Customers
Ferrosilicon Packing And Delievery

It is necessary to race against time and to ensure the quality of the goods. From the selection of materials to the smelting, crushing and packaging of ferrosilicon. These tasks must not only be well connected, but also ensure that one step is not mistaken. Because one step is wrong, the time will come in no hurry.

Heaven pays off. Finally, all the work was completed before the time required by the Indian customer. Record the current time, at nine o'clock in the evening, the ferrosilicon will be shipped! !

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