three steps in production of SiAlBaCa alloy

Silicon aluminum barium calcium is a multi-element alloy material. It is also a common metallurgical material in industrial production. It is composed of multiple elements. So it has a variety of performance characteristics. So it has a wider range of uses. At the same time, the production process of Si-Al-Ba-Ca is relatively simple. Darshan alloy has rich production experience in this area.

Si-Al-Ba-Ca manufacturing process

Industry attaches great importance to the production and use of Si-Al-Ba-Ca alloy. Si-Al-Ba-Ca is mostly produced by electric furnace or ore production methods.

1. Mix silica, aluminum ore, coke and other materials.

2. Through continuous smelting, calcium oxide and coke materials are added separately. Thus, silicon calcium aluminum alloy is produced first.

3. Add barium ore and coke in batches to promote the formation of Si-Al-Ba-Ca alloy.

It can be seen that it is very important to control the corresponding dosage and order of addition. Then through the corresponding equipment, this alloy material can be produced very well.

Darshan alloy factory direct sale Si-Al-Ba-Ca

Si-Al-Ba-Ca alloy can reduce the gas in molten steel very well. Reduce inclusions in molten steel. Therefore, the demand in the market is relatively large.

Si-Al-Ba-Ca alloy is one of Darshan alloy's main products. There are also great advantages in price. If you need products in this area. Please contact us!

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