Ferro-alloy and silicon metal market

Ferro-alloy market

This week, the raw material supply in molybdenum market is insufficient, some large mines have a large inventory, but the sales volume is limited, and it is not easy to replenish the stock of back-end raw materials. 

The international price of molybdenum rose again, the price of imported raw materials increased further, and the domestic and foreign market prices of molybdenum going up. Traders purchasing cautious, bulk volume is small.

The production of ferro-silicon has significantly decreased in recent months, with prices falling below costs. Inventory is mainly concentrated in futures warehouses and large factories, while small and medium-sized factories and steel mills maintain low inventory and the situation of the black industry chain is poor, and the futures of deformed steel and coke have reached new lows due to sluggish terminal demand.

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Silicon metal Market

The price of silicon metal market before is very different, and the purchase not oxygen injection is more. Recently, the price of silicon metal has decreased, the price gap between not oxygen injection and oxygen injection silicon metals has narrowed, From the price, silicon metal with oxygen injection 553 has more price advantages and better quality. The market still follows the principle of buy up, don't buy down, buyers are more cautious.

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