ferrosilicon production process and production cost

Ferrosilicon is widely used in steel industry, foundry industry, metal magnesium production and other fields. As major users of ferrosilicon, these fields consume more than 90% of ferrosilicon production each year. The ferrosilicon produced in my country not only meets the domestic demand, but also a small part is exported to other countries.


Ferrosilicon, a ferroalloy composed of iron and silicon, is an important raw material for the steel industry.

Ferrosilicon is mainly made by placing silicon-containing raw materials and iron-containing raw materials in a submerged arc furnace according to a certain proportion. Based on a certain high temperature environment, the raw material mixture is continuously melted and chemically reacted to form a liquid iron-silicon alloy. Finally, ferrosilicon is formed by pouring.

The production process of ferrosilicon mainly includes batching, mixing into the furnace, smelting, pouring, finishing, storage and other links.

The production of ferrosilicon mainly requires iron raw materials, silicon-containing raw materials, blue carbon, steel scraps and other raw materials. Among them, the quality of ferrosilicon is mainly affected by the quality of iron raw materials. The silicon-containing raw materials are mostly quartzite and quartzite with a silica content higher than 97% and a low impurity content, which are collectively referred to as silica. Blue carbon has gradually become an irreplaceable carbon material due to its high chemical activity, low aluminum, low sulfur and low phosphorus characteristics.

In addition, ferrosilicon production also requires electricity costs, and electricity costs account for the largest proportion of the cost. The production of ferrosilicon affects the supply of ferrosilicon in the market. This will have an impact on the market price of ferrosilicon.

Now ferrosilicon production has been increasingly large-scale. Ferrosilicon has become one of the important materials in industrial production, iron and steel industry, especially in the field of steelmaking. After years of development, the development of the ferrosilicon industry chain has become more and more perfect. From the mining of raw materials, the production of ferrosilicon, to the processing and application of ferrosilicon, a mature operating system has been formed.

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