How about calcium silicon market in the first half of March

The demand for silicon-calcium is slow to release, the overall market performance is relatively calm, the price is difficult to maintain firm, and the transaction price is stalemate and weak.

calcium silicon

At present, most of the downstream enterprises are mainly consuming the previous inventory. The transaction situation of the calcium-silicon market is still not optimistic. Constrained by the weak demand, the actual transaction price of the calcium-silicon alloy has a negative performance, and the calcium-silicon factory in Inner Mongolia resumes production at the end of the month, and the pressure of market competition Increase, the factories are under pressure. At the end of the month, tender of steel works was carried out one after another, and some steel companies showed signs of shrinking in the purchase of silicon-calcium cored wire, so the consumption of raw materials was also relatively slow. The weak demand for calcium-silicon is difficult to reverse, and the calcium-silicon market is in a state of oversupply. It is expected that the market will hardly have a substantial improvement in recent months.

For CaSi cored wire, some cored wire companies in Henan and Jiangsu reported that the bidding volume has decreased, and steel companies are mostly waiting to see the market trend after the two sessions, so the current purchase is more cautious

At present, the transaction price of silicon-calcium alloy at the raw material side is slightly loose, and the price of another raw material, cold-rolled strip steel, is slightly increasing. The market quotation of silicon-calcium cored wire has not changed much, but the demand is weak. It is expected that the price of silicon-calcium cored wire will be in a short period of time. Weak and steady operation prevails.

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