How about the price of low-carbon ferrochromium

Low carbon ferrochrome price is stable

This week, the low carbon ferrochrome price remained stable, steel mills entered the bidding, although the price has been reduced month on month, but some of the iron demand began to release, to stabilize the iron price. In addition, the current smelting cost is still high, and the quotation of some large factories with industrial chain advantages is lower. However, due to the narrow profit of most factories, the market mainstream price is still maintained at a certain level. Current market mainstream quotation: low 25/14900-15300; Micro 10/15100-15500; Micro 6/15400-15900 (Yuan /60 base ton, cash including tax delivered).

low carbon ferrochrome

Chrome ore market operation

Chrome ore prices remained unchanged this week. Although the downstream ferro chrome market runs weakly and stably, there is uncertain in the future market development. However prompt chrome ore suppliers do not turn down chrome ore prices in advance. One is that Future prices have not adjusted significantly, and the other is that spot cargo trade at ports has remained low, even if not enough to support higher chrome prices, with low inventory, miners have no reason to lower mine prices. The former domestic chrome market bearish news interwoven, for the port spot transaction situation and ore prices, the mainstream national chromium mine suppliers have not a clear reaction, they are reluctant to lower the offer price easily,even if the amount of goods is low .

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