How is the ferrosilicon market in May

Less demand from steel mills leads to a significant drop in steel prices, Steel prices fall and drive raw material prices down.

Second, steel mills keep low inventory procurement of raw materials, foundry production demand is depressed.

The implementation time of the LANTAN rectification has been delayed, and it is expected that the price of LANTAN  will loosen in the future. The suspension of magnesium production has not been implemented. The rise and rapid decline in magnesium prices have affected the FESI market. Black material is still weak, there is a price, but there is no obvious market situation steel mills operate cautiously and demand a lower price. The main force of ferrosilicon futures has fallen below costs, and there has been an increase in production reduction.


As prices rise in the Ferro-Molybdenum market, market quotations have slightly increased steel mills have less inventory, so they have to enter the market for purchase. Many steel mills have failed to bid due to high prices, but they may enter the market again later.

Some traders said that the price rose after the end customer unwilling to purchase, high price is difficult to deal. Raw material transaction price down, some factories FEMO quotation center of gravity has moved down, We are waiting for changes in steel bidding.

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