Market Situation Of Ferrosilicon In May

This week the domestic ferrosilicon spot has risen steadily, the bottom of the futures rose. Biddings of steel factories continued to carry forward in April, the overall bidding prices fell 300-400 yuan/ton compared with that of March, bidding prices were in pressure.The bidding quantity of the north increased, quantity of the south was steady with small decline, stainless steel factory was reduced. Ferrosilicon 72# market transactions were in general, downstream manufacturers lowered prices significantly . The price of 75# increased due to the surge in the downstream of magnesium metal.


This week, the export market transaction was still in general performance, foreign customer inquiries were cold, price pressure was obvious, low price competition was still very fierce.

Next week, the cost of ferrosilicon will not change, the overall performance of the demand of end of the steel mills is general, the production of stainless steel plant is obvious, the short-term purchase heat of magnesium metal is increased, the export and casting are still depressed.

Next week, It is expected that the price of ferrosilicon 72# will not get big change, 75# price is mainly concerned about the situation of the downstream of magnesium metal.

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