Market situation of silicon products in June

Recently, the market price of silicon-based products has been falling, and the price of 97 silicon has dropped significantly, and the market price is approaching the cost. Although the cost of ferro silicon has dropped slightly, some areas are still in a state of slight deficit. Due to the impact of the supply of goods on the market, manufacturers' quotations have slightly loosened. 

Small and medium-sized factories have orders, while large factories and delivery warehouses have goods. The current general environment is poor, and black products have dropped sharply. 

The domestic and international calcium-silicon markets are still relatively hot. Traders wait and see back to back, focusing on operations, and downstream processing plants purchase in small quantities as needed. Under the current weak market, the downstream market has no willingness to hoard goods. In addition, the situation of steel mills and foundries is not optimistic, and there are more production cuts.

calcium silicon

The demand for processed products such as silicon calcium, silicon calcium cored wire, and nodulizers has decreased, resulting in poor shipments of silicon calcium products. 

On the other hand, there is also the competition of metal calcium products, and the operation of the silicon alloy market is relatively difficult.

This week, calcium-silicon alloys are still operating in a stable state. The active market transactions have not seen a significant increase.

Terminal steel companies have reduced production and lowered prices, and calcium-silicon alloys have been operating under pressure. However, considering cost issues, it is difficult for calcium-silicon factories to stabilize prices. At present, the market turnover is sluggish, and there are many calcium-silicon alloys in stock, so it is difficult to see any positive results in the calcium-silicon alloy market in the short term.

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