One minute comprehensive understanding of ferrochrome

The chromium in steel is added with FeCr, which can significantly improve the oxidation resistance of steel and increase the corrosion resistance of steel.

low carbon ferrochrome

According to different carbon content, FeCr can be divided into High Carbon FeCr (C≦10%), Medium Carbon FeCr (C≦4.0%), Low Carbon Ferrochrome (C≦0.5%), Micro-carbon FeCr (C≦0.15%) etc. Commonly used FeCr also includes silicon chromium alloy, chromium nitride. 

The hardness and wear resistance of cast iron can be improved by adding chromium. High carbon chromium iron used as the alloy agent of ball steel, tool steel, die steel and high speed steel, can improve the hardenability of steel, increase the wear resistance and hardness of steel. Medium and low carbon FeCr is used in the production of medium and low carbon structural steel, carburizing steel, manufacturing gear, high pressure blower blades, valve plates, etc. Micro-carbon chromium iron used in the production of stainless steel, acid-resistant steel, heat - resistant steel and electric heating alloy.

FeCr is an iron alloy with chromium and iron as the main components,which is one of the main alloy agents used in iron and steel industry. FeCr contains 55% ~ 75% chromium, also contains carbon, silicon, sulfur, phosphorus and other impurities. We are professional ferrochrome manufacturer, if you have needs, please contact us!

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