SiMn market analysis of this week

The overall operation rate of silicon manganese remains high, the price continues to run weak, the ex-factory price of some production areas is close to the cost line, and the retail transaction is less. Basically, it is delivered to steel mills, and there is no active quotation. The qualified cash of silicon manganese block is self-raised including tax at 6,650-6,700 yuan/ton in the North mainstream, and at 6,750-6,800 yuan/ton in the south mainstream.


The production in Guizhou is temporarily stable, and the shipment situation has improved this week. The inventory of manufacturers has decreased significantly, the cost has stopped falling and stabilized, the ex-factory price has continued to decline, and the production pressure of manufacturers has increased. It is expected that the suspended factories will resume production one after another next week, and the output will continue to rise. In Yunnan, the power rationing situation has been lifted and the expected reduction of electricity charges during the rainy season has been increased. Most manufacturers in Guangxi are still willing to resume production is low, this week prices fell, manufacturers less retail transactions. At the beginning of the week, the coke at the cost end increased by 50 yuan/ton, and the freight for drawing ore increased. In addition, some enterprises reported that the electricity price of settlement in April decreased slightly.

Generally speaking, the alloy cost still rose slightly, but the profit was OK. Ningxia silicon manganese DD resumed production, one furnace is producing iron, the other is in the oven, and NY two high silicon to common silicon to the plate surface. Some furnaces are planned to resume production successively, and the output of Ningxia is expected to rise.

Overall, the production of silicon manganese has been increasing, the supply continues to increase, and the factory shipment situation is not good, so it is expected that the silicon manganese market will run weakly in the short term.

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