things nobody told you about ferrosilicon market conditions

ferrosiliconFerrosilicon futures is weak, and the transaction is normal , and the high quotation is not smooth , and there is a pullback. In some regions, the inventory pressure of factories is still high, and the shipping mentality is strong. The trading volume of traders in Anyang and East China regions was not large, and they all indicated that the release of demand was average and the shipments were small.The ferrosilicon futures market fluctuated slightly , the spot price did not change much , and there were still few large orders in the market.


In general: the contradiction between the supply and demand of ferrosilicon is still obvious, the supply is still at a high level, the demand release is slow, and the market mentality is unstable. The futures market fluctuated slightly recently, with stalemate up and down. The spot surface steel bidding is advancing, but the progress is slow, and the steel bidding price is still declining compared with February . The speculative demand in the market is not active. In the short term, the market will pay attention to the bidding situation of steel works. It is expected that the spot market will maintain a weak and stable operation , and the spot market price will not fluctuate much and will be adjusted within a narrow range.

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