carbon raiser

carbon raiser

  • Specifications: CPC/GPC
  • Shape: lumps/granule
  • Usage: Steelmaking
  • Particle size: Acording to your needs
  • Packaging: ton/ Bags
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In the smelting process, factors such as smelting time, holding time, and longer overheating time will increase the smelting loss of carbon in the molten iron. At this time, it is necessary to increase the carbon content in the molten iron.

Commonly used carbon raiser are Calcined petroleum coke(CPC), Graphite petroleum coke(GPC).

Calcined petroleum coke

Calcined petroleum coke (CPC) uses green petroleum coke as raw material. It is prepared by heating below 1400°C. The carbon content is about 98.5%. High conductivity and low resistance.

Carbon Raiser F.C% V.M% Ash% S% Moisture
CPC-01 98.5min 0.5max 0.3max 0.45max 0.3max
CPC-02 98.5min 0.5max 0.5max 0.5max 0.3max
CPC-03 98-99min 0.5max 1.00-0.3max 0.5max 0.3max
Both size and packing can be customized as your requests

Graphite petroleum coke

Graphitized petroleum coke is the best carbon additive for smelting. High carbon, low sulfur, low nitrogen, high graphitization degree. And has a high carbon recovery rate (92% ~ 98%). The effect of increasing carbon content is stable.

Carbon Raiser F.C% V.M% Ash% S% Moisture
GPC 98-99.5min 0.5max 0.3max 0.05-0.03max 1max
Both size and packing can be customized as your requests

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