cored wire

cored wire

  • Specifications: SiCa/ CaFe/ SiCaBa/ C Cored Wire
  • Shape:
  • Usage: Steelmaking
  • Particle size:
  • Packaging: ton/ Bags
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What is cored wire? The cored wire is made of alloy powder wrapped with a steel belt. According to the different alloy powder, it can be divided into: calcium silicon cored wire, ferro calcium cored wire, carbon wire and so on.

  • Wire Diameter: 13±0.5mm
  • Powder weight: 220±10g/m
  • Maximum coil outside diameter: 1100mm
  • Minimum coil inside diameter: 600mm
  • Absolute maximum coil height: 1100mm
  • Maximum coil weight: 2000 kg
  • Wire length: 5000±500m
  • Sheath thickness: 0.35-0.45mm

Cored wire manufacturing process:

The cored wire is well compacted, the powder is mixed evenly, and the weight of the powder per meter is controllable and uniform.

The specification and packaging can be produce according to customer demand.

Cored wire specifications

Model Chemical Composition(%) Wire Diameter(mm) Wire Thickness(mm) Wire Weight(g/m) Powder Weight (g/m) Uniformity(%)
SiCa Si55 Ca28 13.0 0.4 170 230 2.5-5
CaFe Si55 Ca15 Ba15 13.0 0.4 170 215 2.5-5
SiCaBa Si55 Ca15 Ba15 13.0 0.4 170 220 2.5-5
C 90min 95min 98min
Both size and packing can be customized as clients’ requests

Advantages of using cored wire

The cored wire feeding technology is a refining technology outside the furnace. The cored wire adds the agent, deoxidizer and alloy elements to the liquid metal with the aid of a clipper. The benefits of this are:

  • Improve the absorption of alloying elements and reduce their dispersion in smelting
  • Remove sulfur and non-metallic inclusions in molten metal
  • Improve the quality of metal products.
  • Improve the fluidity of liquid steel
  • Reduce splashing into the atmosphere
  • Reduce equipment costs and production consumption.

Therefore, more and more steel manufacturers are now purchasing cored wire. Darshan Alloy produce all kinds of cored wire. Competitive prices and high qualtiy. Contact us now!

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