ferro silicon

ferro silicon

  • Specifications: fesi 65/70/72/75 etc.
  • Shape: fesi lumps / powder
  • Usage: Steelmaking
  • Particle size: 10-100mm
  • Packaging: ton/ Bags
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What is ferro silicon

Ferrosilicon, also known as ferrosilicon alloy. It is an alloy composed of silicon and iron in a certain proportion. Ferrosilicon chemical composition: Si / Fe / Al / Ca / P / S / C.

Due to the different silicon content, the commonly used grades of ferrosilicon are: ferrosilicon 65, ferrosilicon 70, ferrosilicon 72, ferrosilicon 75. Related Video: Learn All About Ferrosilicon From This Video>>

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Ferrosilicon specifications

Specifications Chemical Component%
Si Mn Cr C P S Al
FeSi75A 75-80 0.4max 0.3max 0.1max 0.035max 0.02max 1.5max
FeSi75B 73-80 0.4max 0.3max 0.1max 0.04max 0.02max 2.0max
FeSi75C 72-75 0.5max 0.3max 0.2max 0.04max 0.02max 2.0max
FeSi65 65 0.6max 0.5max 0.05max 0.04max 0.02max 1.5max
Both size and packing can be customized as clients’ requests

Ferro silicon manufacturing process

Raw materials for making ferro silicon: coke, steel shavings, quartz (or silica)

The smelting ferrosilicon alloy generally adopts the ore furnace. A certain amount of silicon slag will be generated during smelting.

The smelting of fesi alloy is produced by a continuous operation method.

The so-called continuous operation method is that as the charge is subjected to high temperature, it continuously reacts and melts, so that the charge level drops accordingly. At the same time, the new charge is constantly added, and the charge in the furnace is always full.

Ferrosilicon packaging and delivery

Usually 25Kg / bag or 1MT / bag.

We will choose the most economical and convenient port delivery for you. It also tracks in real time, providing you with the latest logistics news so you can see the progress.

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Ferrosilicon uses

1. Steel Smelting

Adding ferrosilicon to steelmaking will cause deoxidation reaction: 2FeO + Si = 2Fe + SiO2. Thereby removing oxygen from the steel and improving the quality of the steel. For example, the strength and hardness of steel can improve the magnetic permeability of steel.

2. Smelting of metallic magnesium.

In magnesium smelting, fesi 75 and other production raw materials are replaced by magnesium in Mg0 under reduction tank and vacuum conditions. Reduced to crude magnesium. The reaction process is: 2MgO + S i = 2Mg + Si02.

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