manganese metal lumps

manganese metal lumps

  • Specifications: Mn:95%--97%
  • Shape: manganese metal lumps
  • Usage: Steelmaking
  • Particle size: 10-50mm
  • Packaging: Ton bags
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What is manganese metal lumps? The manganese content in the metal lumps is above 97%. Often used in steel smelting. The common size is 10-50mm.

Manganese metal lumps specifications

Manganese Metal Lump
Spec Mn C S P Si
95-97% 0.05-0.1% 0.05% 0.05% 1.00%
Size 10-50mm, 90%min
Packing In big bags of 1000kgs net each

Manganese metal lumps manufacturing process

1. Use electrolytic manganese metal flakes as raw material.

2. Add a certain desulfurization and decarbonization agent.

3. Join the intermediate frequency electric furnace for smelting.

4. After full melting, manganese liquid is obtained.

5. Pour manganese liquid into the casting ingot mold.

6. After it solidifies, break it. Obtain metal manganese blocks of different sizes.

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