silicon carbide

silicon carbide

  • Specifications: SiC 80/85/90/95/97 etc.
  • Shape: SiC lumps/ powder/briquette
  • Usage: Steelmaking
  • Particle size: 10-100mm or acording to your needs
  • Packaging: ton/ Bags
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Silicon carbide, abbreviated as SIC. Darshan Alloy is a professional manufacturer of metallurgical silicon carbide in China. We have extensive experience in the field of steelmaking.

Types of silicon carbide: balck silicon carbide and green silicon carbide. Both are hexagonal crystals. The specific gravity is from 3.20 to 3.25. The microhardness is 2840 ~ 3320kg / mm2.

Black silicon carbide

The number of silicon carbide used in steelmaking is set to a new high every year. Its toughness is higher than that of green silicon carbide. Black silicon carbide contains about 95% SiC. This element can play a good application effect in steel making.

Black Silicon Carbide Lump
Black Silicon Carbide Lump
Black Silicon Carbide Powder
Black Silicon Carbide Powder

Silicon carbide manufacturing process

Quartz sand, petroleum coke (or coal coke), wood chips, etc. are used as raw materials. It is then smelted at high temperature through a resistance furnace.

Black silicon carbide uses

Black silicon carbide can effectively deal with oxygen in molten steel during steelmaking. The condition that oxides float on the surface of molten steel is beneficial to improve the purity of molten steel. On the other hand, the use of black silicon carbide in the deoxidation of steelmaking can reduce the chance of defects. For example, subcutaneous bubbles and looseness.

Green silicon carbide

The manufacturing method of green silicon carbide is the same as black silicon carbide. It's just that one more element added during smelting is table salt. However, the purity of raw materials used is relatively high.

It is formed at a high temperature of about 2200 ° C in a resistance furnace. The physical properties are similar to black silicon carbide. But the performance is slightly more brittle than black. Green silicon carbide has good thermal conductivity and semiconductor chracteristics.

Green Silicon Carbide Lump
Greem Silicon Carbide Lump
Green Silicon Carbide Powder
Greem Silicon Carbide Powder

Green Silicon Carbide Application

Green silicon carbide contains more than 97% of SiC. Its price is also higher than that of black silicon carbide. Mostly used for processing hard alloys, titanium alloys and optical glass.

Silicon caribde speicificaions

Brand component%
SiC F.C Fe2O3
60# 60 min 15-20 8-12 3.5 max
65# 65 min 15-20 8-12 3.5 max
70# 70 min 12-15 8-12 3.5 max
75# 75 min 12-15 8-12 3.5 max
80# 80 min 5-15 3.5 max
85# 85 min 5-15 3.5 max
90# 90 min 2-10 1.2 max
95# 95 min 0.6 max 1.2 max
97# 97 min 0.3 max 1.2 max
98# 98 min 0.3 max 0.8 max
98.5# 98.5 min 0.2 max 0.6 max
Both size and packing can be customized as your requests

As a professional silicon carbide producer in China, Darshan alloy provides professional silicon carbide products. All specifications available. Factory direct sales. Silicon carbide prices is very competitive.Contact us now!

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