low carbon ferrochrome production process

Hello, this video is the manufacturing of low carbon ferro chrome.

LC FeCr (Low Carbon Ferrochrome)  is the main product of Darshan Alloy. Dashan Alloy has many years of experience in producing low carbon ferrochrome. From production, to broken to sales, we have a complete service.

What is low carbon ferrochrome?

LC FeCr is a ferro-alloy . It is used to regulate the ratio of Chromium in steel production without Carbon and other unwanted ingredients. Due to high quality it is a reliable and economical alternative instead of metallic Chromium in Superalloy production

Low-carbon ferrochrome is a ferrochrome variety with carbon content below 0.25. Its production raw materials are metallurgical materials such as silicon-chromium alloy, chromite and lime.

Low carbon ferro chrome production process

There are two production methods for LC ferrochrome.

1. High carbon ferrochrome refining method

Refining high-carbon ferrochrome with chrome ore. To obtain low-carbon ferrochrome.

2. Electrothermal method

Under the condition of making alkaline slag in the circuit, the silicon in the silicon-chromium alloy is used to reduce the oxides of chromium and iron. Thus obtained low-carbon ferrochrome.

Low-carbon ferrochrome is a ferrochrome variety with a lower carbon content. It plays an important role in steelmaking and casting. Darshan Alloy produces various specifications of low-carbon ferrochrome. For low carbon ferrochrome, we guarantee the quality. You can use it safely.

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